Learn Chinese if it's Greek to you

Beginning Feb. 15th, I teach (Mandarin) Chinese in Gliwice and surrounding areas (Katowice, Sosnowiec, Rybnik, etc.).

Time and place (as well as price) to be decided by the interested parties.

I am a Master of Arts in Chinese. I have received my MA degree in Chinese from Warsaw University. In China I have spent more than 7 years.

I used to work as a teaching assistant in Chinese Department at KUL (a famous Polish university in Lublin)

In year 2014, I passed the 6th (i.e. the highest) level of the new Chinese Proficiency Test in Shanghai. See the score report.

More details to be found in my CV.

I do not teach little children. [sad face]

In addition to giving Chinese lessons, I also offer training classes for those who engage in business (or other) dealings with the Chinese.

I used to be a manager in China for several Polish companies (details available in my CV), so I do understand both what the Chinese are saying and why they are saying it, and what they can possibly mean despite the fact that they are not actually saying it.

Queen Victoria and Xianfeng Emperor